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Monday, November 18, 2019
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Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

Is it possible to arrive at full realization and fulfillment this side of heaven?  The answer is a resounding, yes!
If this is so, then why is our society going down the path of rampant decadence, corruption and injustice which have proven to cause other great civilizations in history to go extinct?
As a created being, man is unaware of his true design, parameters and guidelines for proper function in his personal, family, economic and social life.  However, history confirms the existence of a trustworthy document to guide individuals to their full development and social progress, this tried and true document is the Bible.
Contrary to public opinion, the Bible is not a religious book.  The Bible should be studied objectively, as a law and practical applications textbook which can be applied to all areas of life with convincing results.  Furthermore, the Bible is the only endless source to satiate the enormous thirst of the human soul.  It is designed to instruct the human race on the real purpose of our earthly existence and our eternal value; it teaches a clear perspective of the world, human kind and acquaints us with the Supreme Creator of the universe.
Who are we?  Where did we come from?  Where are we going?  These are questions that have echoed throughout history.  Many schools of thought have attempted to answer these crucial questions to no avail especially in the midst of great social crisis which signal the need for change.
This is why Christian Legacy Fellowship was created.  We have joined the fight to restore life and liberty through spiritual and cultural transformation through spreading values and principles based on the unmovable foundation of the Word of God; the Bible.  
We invite you to become acquainted with our vision and mission described as follows:
Our vision is to actively contribute for a positive reformation of society from the premise of biblical values and moral norms long ago revealed in Holy Scripture.  Through education, comprehension and application of these principles we purpose to be instrumental in helping individuals develop their spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical integrity.
Our goals include spreading the gospel and reforming our society through godly principles and efforts that will dignify human life with projects that will offer practical solutions, including the fields of science, technology, humanities, commerce and education.

In the beginning of human history, God created Adam and Eve in His image and likeness to administer and become good stewards of the earth.  The ‘dominion covenant’ that God established with the human race, was profoundly altered due to human rebellion and their “declaration of independence” from their Creator. 


Man’s disobedience caused tremendous degradation not only to the individual but also to all spheres of human development which greatly affected culture.  Nevertheless, God has offered an incredible opportunity for reconciliation with Him and His master plan.  Man has the option to accept or reject the covenant with God, but if he accepts God’s plan, manifested in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, his life will be greatly transformed.  Renouncing autonomy and submitting to God’s Sovereignty is required to carry out the dominion covenant to influence his world to the glory of God.
History confirms humans desire to order the universe they inhabit.  Hence the need to know and implement the cultural model that God delineates in His Word to adequately administer the individual life and the environment.
God created human beings in His image and His likeness.  The physical body, emotions, intellect and the spirit are the indivisible components of the human  makeup. 
In implementing the biblical model for social and individual development, we find solutions to the ills and flaws that are destroying order and the quality of human life as well as our environment.  Every individual requires restoration in every area of his or her life in order to arrive at excellence.
The spirit is the innermost part of a human being which only acquires its real significance when it is reconciled with God through faith in Jesus Christ and his redemptive work.  This is where a new life begins for the individual through the power of the Spirit of God as He is allowed to grow and mature all dimensions of the person as his or her relationship deepens with God through the study and application of His Word.  
A good balance and stability of the emotions free the individual to develop healthy relationships and create a wholesome self esteem.  As we identify and dominate the emotions we learn to value the aspects that will allow growth.
Proper discipline of mental faculties in a consistent way will allow better levels of comprehension and creativity, the benefits will be evident in every area of life
The physical body develops best with healthy well-balanced nutrition, exercise, good hygiene, and proper care of all components of the human body.  The physical body is our earthly vehicle; its care requires knowledge, discipline, and healthy habits to make the best use of its capacities.
FAMILY: The family is the generating nucleus of culture. 
Men and women have equal faculties and capacity; however, each has different attributes that complement one another to form the family structure as God designed it.  The family is responsible for providing the necessary elements for the full development of the members that integrate it.
ECONOMY: The aspect of the laws of administration.
The Creator designed the universe with perfect order.  The laws that govern it are of spiritual origin, for this reason, the basis for the economy is spiritual more than intellectual or physical.  The Bible contains fundamental laws of good administration and economy, which unfortunately have not been taught much less implemented.  By studying and applying these principles they will invariably produce abundant productivity, satisfaction and well-being.
SOCIETY: The human way of life.
Society is more than just human beings clumped together. It requires organized association to promote the well-being of all.  For this reason, norms and laws must be implemented to preserve peace and order.  Excellent examples of well organized societies are the ants and bees; they follow their design.  Human beings have problems because they refuse to live by the Creator’s rules as revealed in the Bible.  However, we have been given an opportunity to arrive at a productive, organized and prosperous social structure by implementing biblical moral and ethical laws.
An assembly of people with like faith, goals, a strong desire to acquire knowledge of the character of God according to what the Word of God has established. A gathering of persons who have decided to receive salvation of life through the redemptive work of Jesus Christ; an institution which promotes vision of the future and edification for each individual.
A congregation equips every person through education of biblical knowledge to advance in personal knowledge of God, His justice, His character and understanding that our life has its true meaning when it is dedicated to the service of God by serving our fellowman.
SCIENCE. Scientific objective is to discover, name, control and foresee the world around us with its entire phenomenon.  Some areas are mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, biochemistry, zoology, botany, ecology, geography, geology, astronomy and medicine just to name a few.
TECHNOLOGY. Scientific knowledge is to be applied to technology in various developing areas.  Some of these are engineering, agriculture, communications, cybernetics, architecture, computers, transportation, electronics, mechanics, optometry, mineralogy, among many more areas.
HUMANITIES. Knowledge and development of our full potential is an essential part of maturing in life, as well as expression of our creativity.  Various disciplines afford us this opportunity such as theology, law, history, political science, oratory, psychology, sociology, anthropology, archeology, demographics, philosophy, music, literature, theater, dance, painting, photography, cinema, sculpture, and graphic design…  
COMMERCE. To multiply, produce and trade goods and services are needed activities and a vital part of our development.  Developing good administrative skills, creating wealth through offering services, manufacturing and innovating are gifts given to man clearly to be used for good.  
EDUCATION. Transmitting truth, knowledge, values and norms of behavior from one generation to another generation is a vital part for the progress of a society.  Transmission through pedagogy, educational sciences, journalism, linguistics, grammar, home economics, childcare and school teaching are only some of these avenues for good and proper education.