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Monday, November 18, 2019
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No sane person in America will deny that this nation is at a dangerous crossroad. It is only too obvious that this country’s foundation is crumbling all around us while the vast majority of its citizens are mere onlookers and observers. The morals and ethics of biblical Christianity, which made America the most powerful and prosperous nation in all of human history, are being severely attacked and bashed into oblivion. To the shame of America, God is being chased out of the public square and American culture. History books have been rewritten and skeletonized of all vestige of Christianity in our Founding Fathers and early patriots to avoid having to pass on that heritage to present and future generations. The religion of secular humanism and relativism has taken center stage and its promoters are relentless at reshaping America to something unrecognizable. However, America has been greatly blessed by God and He will ultimately hold us accountable for all those abundant blessings he shed upon us by His grace.

In spite it all; be encouraged, there is hope! True, bold and committed Christians can make the difference. The hope we have lies within each Christian’s willingness and commitment to learn and apply God’s principles to all areas of life. What people believe and the ideas they embrace do have consequences not only on a personal level but also in science, technology, humanities, commerce and education. 

The Future of America’s mission is to make God’s Word known by example as well as by preaching, teaching informing and motivating Christians and the American public to become pro-active in defending and fighting for the soul of this nation and doing spiritual warfare for it. Nothing short of a reformation [going back to basics] and implementing the biblical Christian principles upon which this nation was founded will do. If every citizen commits to do something, we can change the nation!
* Spanish Radio 

América está en crisis. Su fundamento se está desmoronando y se está cayendo todo alrededor mientras la mayoría de sus ciudadanos sólo están de observadores. La ética y los valores morales judeo-cristianos, que hicieron de América la nación más poderosa y próspera en la historia humana, están siendo atacados severamente. A Dios se le está corriendo de la vida pública y de la cultura americana. El humanismo y el relativismo están dominando la plataforma y están reescribiendo la historia de nuestra gran nación. Nuestra nación ha sido altamente bendecida y Dios nos hará responsables de esas bendiciones.

¡Pero, no es demasiado tarde! Nosotros, los cristianos, podemos ser la diferencia. La esperanza que tenemos para que podamos sobrevivir es aplicar la Palabra de Dios a cada área de nuestras vidas. Lo que las personas creen, tiene consecuencias no tan solo en lo personal sino también en la ciencia, la tecnología, las humanidades, el comercio y la educación.

Nuestra misión es dar a conocer la Palabra de Dios. La meta es informar y motivar a los cristianos y el público americano que se active para defender e implementar los principios judeo-cristianos bíblicos sobre los cuales nuestra nación fue fundada. Si cada cristiano y cada ciudadano hace algo, ¡podemos cambiar la nación!